Are we asking the right questions?

I was going through my my feeds this morning and a a cartoon caught my eye and got me thinking. I had seen it before it is pretty common. For a fair selection everybody has to take the same exam, please climb that tree.Although it is true we often suffer from test bias and that is a problem to be addressed, there is a question that is missed here. Have we asked the question, what skills or knowledge are we wanting to assess? The exam in this cartoon is fine if we are assessing ones ability to climb a tree, but it should not be used to assess anything else.  Assessments outcomes are only as reliable as how well they reflect the intended assessment goals.

2 responses to “Are we asking the right questions?

  1. Hello Mr Pearson. I wonder if you own the rights of the picture above. If so, I would like to get a permission from you to use it in a public presentation (it is a non-profit presentation) for a workshop I will give this November in MEXTESOL in Cancun, Mexico. Should you require further information regarding this matter please contact me so that I can answer all of your questions.


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