My first reflections of “Start with Why”

So I am now three chapters into Simon Sinak’s book it starts with why. I am looking around the organizations I am involved with and I am screaming in my head, others should be reading this book. I’m thinking about the boy scouts organization that is dying a slow death in competition to other activities, I’m thinking about my church where membership is slowly slipping and I’m thinking of my place of employment where enrollments are stagnant.

For all of this I see how we advertise, recruit and try to retain.  Everywhere I look, I see what we do.  I don’t see why we do it.  The whats that we do can be found in a dozen other places so we use carrots to entice.  The problem is others use carrots too.  I think we need to go back and look at our beginnings, why are we here. It is the why that we need to share.  I’m looking forward to reading more and sharing this book with many other people.

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