My self-reflection based on “Start with Why”

Well I only stopped reading when the battery on my ipad died last night.  I guess that is the downside of technology sometimes. But at least it gave me time to sleep.

As I have been reading the next few chapters of the book, I have been doing some self-refection. The whats we do should be in line with the whys of our life.  So I have been thinking about my core values and that the whats or behaviors I have engage in. I have realized those times when my behavior is most closely related to my core values, I have been most happy.  Those times when my whats have not matched my core values, I have problems.  I am looking forward to read more soon.  As a matter of record, the list of core values I have drafted to this point are as follows:

  • Highly value my time and interactions with family and friends.
  • Always strive to be closer to god
  • Enjoy helping others over come problems and hurdles.
  • Seek new learning experiences and intellectual challenges

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