Colorado colleges will create common ways to accept prior learning

By Yesenia Robles  The Denver Post

Students who get college credit not earned in a college classroom will have an easier time transferring those credits starting next spring.

On Friday, a new policy that will standardize how colleges accept “credit for prior learning” was approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, making Colorado one of 12 states to standardize the process.

“It’s part of our push to increase degree attainment,” said Rhonda Epper, chief student success and academic affairs officer for the Colorado Department of Higher Education. “This will make a big difference for students and parents to be able to know what base line they need.”

Currently, students who want college credit for an exam score from an Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate class, for example, may find that a score taken at one college is not considered high enough for credit at another college.

The plan approved Friday commits the state’s colleges to set one score per class, or to test to determine if college credit is granted. The accepted scores will be determined by December.

In the months of discussions, which officials on Friday called “complex and at times contentious,” reaching an agreement in part depended on a compromise to allow colleges to set different scores when a student wants to major in the content.


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