About Me

11900854317830603975First and for most I am a Dad. After that I have many titles, Social media enthusiast,  Instructional designer, Teacher, Web Designer and Educational Reformist. I have a passion for implementing new and innovative technologies into the classroom and online. I am interested in all things E-Learning.

Me and My daughterThere are many ways to contact me and keep up on my life and activities.  First and for most you can contact me by email.  If this is a work related communications by all means please feel free to use my college email address: rpearson@clcillinois.edu, but if it is personal you can reach me at rlpearson67@gmail.com.

Instant Messaging works in a pinch.  On yahoo I am sifi_russ_pearson. On the social networks I can be found at:

On Skype I am at russ-pearson

BeABorgPhotoAppThanks and enjoy the site,