pearson_crestMy interest in my family tree started when I was a small child.  It was an intrest of my grandmother and she would show me the family records and old pictures.  I have always had a fascination with history and historic places and as we would look though the photos together it amazed me that a change in anyone of these peoples lives could have changed me and my life.

My mother’s maiden name was Adams and I had been told that we were descendants of the US Presidents Adams.  I later found that to be not quite true, but we are related.  I also found that my fathers family had been Quakers.

Houdeshelle farmhouse
Connie Jean Adams – Born: 29 Oct. 1944 Died: 18 Dec. 2008 Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa
Married Kent Allen Pearson – Born: 25 May 1940 Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa, USA Died: 10 Nov 1993 Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa, USA

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