Behind on my videos, but trying to catch up.

I know I am behind on my video uploads and I am sorry. Turns out on my new camera I took to Florida, I accidentally turned on the mic. So I really should have read the manual, before the trip not after. I am having to do voice overs and that is taking longer than expected. You can expect 2 videos from me today though. I am rendering and uploading one now and have the next one ready to go. You can find it at: When the other video goes up I wont be blogging that one.

Solar Panel Wiring (so easy)

I know it has been a long time coming, but here it is. The wiring video of the WindyNation 200 watt solar panel kit is done and up on YouTube. The process really was pretty straight forward and easy. The hardest part really was waiting on the warm Wisconsin weather. Coming soon will be the really cool windy screens I made for the CamperVan and the second day of our Key West trip (Greenville and our drive there).

Back at work today

Got back from the Florida trip yesterday and started working on my solar panel repair right away. I have a lot of video and photos to go though over the next couple weeks so look for those on instagram and youtube. I did get a few pics up and the first video. You can find that on my YouTube channel.

Today I walked in the foot steps of my ancestors!

Today I had the chance to step back in time. Although the grave stones are long gone I visited the cemetery where my Great Great Great Great Grandfather William Pearson (Died 26 April 1800),  my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Samuel Pearson (Died 08 January 1790), my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather John Stedham (Died 1765), and my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Mary Smith (Died 30 October 1780) were buried. This visit was a bucket list item for a long time for me.IMG_3335

Crazy busy week

As we get close to take off day for Florida, there are so many things to get done. This week We finished up the new deck for the top of the van. That video is rendering out now and will be up soon. I will be able to mount my camp box up there. We also finished off wiring the solar panels and made screens for the windows. Defiantly a priority as we get ready to head south.

Solar Finally Going On!

Over the weekend, we got a ton of stuff done and it was warm enough to wire in the solar panels. That video will be coming soon. But here is the video for installing the WindyNation 200 watt solar panel kit. Sorry, it took so long I had some camera issues to over come.

You can find it on my YouTube channel.

WindyNation 200 Watt 12V or 24V Solar Panel Kit w/ Adjustable Solar Mount Rack and LCD Charge Controller RV, Cabin, Off-Grid Battery

Busy weekend, but productive

This weekend, we got the solar panels mounted on the van, look for that video soon. Also, replaced a bad cable running from my alternator to my battery bank. Then to top it off I was able to save a about a $180 on van maintenance, using Seafoam. You can look for that video coming soon as well. And of course the deep cycle battery testing continues, things are looking good on that front.