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Who does not love a good list?

14 Great Books on the Importance of Video Games in 21st Century Learning

February 28, 2015
Gaming is a growing trend in the 21st century learning paradigm and you don’t need to look hard to see the evidence. Digital and video games  take up a big part of the lives of our digital natives, and of course, as is the case with every ‘new technology’ doubtful and cynical voices are the first to be heard.  When writing was first invented  some 6 thousands years ago, people were very critical of the new invention. In Phaedrus, for instance,  the popular Greek philosopher, Plato  expresses serious reservations  about writing. He viewed it  “as a mechanical, inhuman way of processing knowledge, unresponsive to questions and destructive of memory.”(Orality and Literacy, Kindle location. 891). The same criticism and initial rejection were levelled against other inventions that transformed humanity (e.g invention of telephone, radio, TV, and Internet).

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