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My thoughts on Obama’s Proposed 2 Years of Free Community College

Like many people my first though was the world has changed and of course we need to raise the bar on educational expectations. But then I began to think about it a little more closely. I work in a community college and 70% of incoming freshman are not college ready and this is not unique to my institutions. We spend a great deal of time often a year or more getting students to the college level. This proposal suddenly looks more like an attempt to fix a broken k-12 system than raising the bar.

The second thing that jumps out at me has more to do with the funding than the merits of the proposal. Under the proposal the president has made 25% of the funding would come from the states. My community college is in Illinois and currently the state has difficulties meeting its financial obligations to higher ed. Many of the community colleges in this state has struggled greatly due to this. I can’t image the state being able to take on this new responsibility.