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Ashoka in conversation with Sir Ken Robinson

Published on Aug 8, 2015

Ross Hall, Director of Education at Ashoka, interviews Sir Ken Robinson and discusses the competencies required for today’s modern world.

TED TALKS – Sir Ken Robinson – (Bring On The Learning Revolution)

Sir Ken Robinson on conformity, compliance and hard subjects.

Published on Jul 5, 2015

Sir Ken Robinson talking at The Sunday Times Festival of Education 18-19 June 2015 at Wellington College while we were there to #INSPIRANATION.

We managed to film a few choice snippets on subjects not often covered in his other talk around the world such is his thoughts around UK education policy and ministers.

Here he talks about the UK educations system and our ministers before answering questions from Sir Anthony Seldon. Master of Wellington College and Nick Corston Co-founder of STEAM Co. who asked him what his thoughts are on the STEM .v. STEAM debate.

How to Build a Culture of Innovation: Sir Ken Robinson

Published on Feb 18, 2015

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Internationally acclaimed expert on creativity and innovation Sir Ken Robinson teaches a packed audience at simple@work 2015. Sir Ken teaches us how to build a culture of innovation inside of our organizations.

The most-watched and discussed speaker in the history of the prestigious TED Conference, Sir Ken Robinson pushes people to rethink outdated assumptions about intelligence and creativity—and to unleash the real potential of people and organization.

Chat with Sir Ken Robinson at @SirKenRobinson on Twitter, or join the conversation at #simpleatwork.

Sir Ken Robinson–why dancing is as important as math

Ken Robinson on Creativity at University

Published on Jul 21, 2015

Internationally influential thinker on education and creativity, Sir Ken Robinson considers how higher education institutions might play a greater role in developing the creative capacities of their students. His RSA Animate ‘Changing Educational Paradigms’ galvanised thinking about the role that creativity plays in schools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFc…

RSA Spotlights – taking you straight to the heart of the event, highlighting our favourite moments and key talking points.

In this excerpt from the event ‘What’s the Point of Creativity at University’, Sir Ken Robinson discusses the global imperative for creativity and creative thinking.

An Interview with Sir Ken – Part Two | Sir Ken Robinson | TEDxLiverpool