My Online Home

14386456444234942739Welcome all, my name is Russ Pearson and I work at the College of Lake County in Lake County, Illinois.  If your wondering where that is head north on Interstate 94 out of Chicago.  When you see Six Flags your real close, but if you hit the Wisconsin state line you went a little to far.  My office is located at the Grayslake Campus in the Teaching, Learning and Educational Technology russ55Center.

At the College, I am the Coordinator of Educational Technology.  But most people refer to me as the Blackboard guy.  Blackboard is the course management system we use at the college to support all online courses and a lot of the traditional on ground courses.  In my position I am never bored. Aside from supporting online courses, I develop and run a number various trainings on campus for employees. I also an adjunct faculty member.  I mostly teach evenings and online.

My personal life is also just as varied.  I love to spend time with my family, most times that means hanging around the house and doing some yard or house work.  But really I enjoy going camping, fishing and traveling.  I do this when every I get the chance. I am currently building out a CamperVan. I have lots of travel goals and spend my free time working on checking items off my list. Last year I made it to Nashville and Chattanooga, this winter is was Mardi Grau in New Orleans.  One of my hobbies is genealogy and I recently inherited all my mothers pictures and 8 mm family movies, so I have been spending a lot of time going through those and digitizing them. I’m also active in my church and work with a local youth center.

17379841299317230710When I do have time to unwind and relax, I enjoy a good movie or book (if I have that much time).  My movie and book tastes are pretty varied but, lean towards science fiction.  But I do enjoy a good drama, comedy, or history story.  A large part of my life is spent working and playing with educational technology and as a result you might find me reading a book by a technology futurist, my favorite is Ray Kurzweil or an educational reformer like Sir Ken Robinson.  I am also a big sports fan, and when I get the change I love to go to a game.