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John Green on Paper Towns and Why Learning is Awesome | TED Talks

Published on Jul 22, 2015

Some of us learn best in the classroom, and some of us … well, we don’t. But we still love to learn, to find out new things about the world and challenge our minds. We just need to find the right place to do it, and the right community to learn with. In this charming talk, author John Green shares the world of learning he found in online video.

Now I get the Networked Society -Where does Education Fit In?

Competency-Based Education: 4 Considerations for Online Students

By March 3, 2015 | 10:00 a.m. EST

raditional brick-and-mortar education was not a fit for 27-year-old Tyler Harris. He tried attending classes at a few colleges in his native Utah, but didn’t find the courses challenging.

“I would go and get bored,” he says. “I felt like I was wasting my time.”

Then ​Harris discovered the competency-based program at Western Governors University, which allowed him to move through online courses at his own pace. He enrolled in July 2014 and aims to earn his bachelor’s degree in information technology in only 18 months.

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Are You Ready for Online Learning Intro

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Student Online Orientation

Just went through a fantastic session on online student orientations.  Can’t wait to try some of this things. Sort simple and to the point. I think I fan even get buy in.