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Facebook Page for Kickstarter Project Created

I now have a facebook page for my kickstarter project.


My Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter for MOOC on WordPress

My project is, as an instructional designer to work with Subject Matter Experts, to build structured lessons that help students learn the open source software and build a functional product. These lessons will be provided in a MOOC format free and open to everyone. The lessons will be a combination of open educational resources, lectures, demonstration, assessments, hands on activities, and peer evaluations.

Although the focus of this project is to produce an Introduction to WordPress MOOC, there is a strong desire to produce two additional WordPress MOOCs and then look at other open source software.

Thoughts behind my kickstarter project.

One of the problems I see in education is a void in how to learn new software, especially open source software. Typically there is a great community around open source software and they tend to produce great resources; but if you are new to the software often times you don’t even know where to start or what questions you should be asking. This makes the software difficult to learn, people are left on their own to navigate and piece together so many great resources. Sometimes training and support can be purchased, but if you are just learning the software and don’t know if it will even meet your needs, it may not make sense to purchase training for free software.